A degree on the way

In recent months I have come to reevaluate my possibilities for future employment and have been thinking about how I can make myself useful to others in the long-run. I’ve observed the extent to which we rely on the online world to facilitate our lives and how in turn the web can catch us at its convenience too. I’m sure you’ve also witnessed this as society became rather internet-dependent throughout the pandemic, benefitting nonetheless from digitally operated services that adapted rapidly to cope with new demands.

It is no surprise that tapping into the vibrant, thriving world of data-driven creativity, marketing, technology and innovation has become a real necessity for our generation, and this has been yet intensified by the corona saga. I’ve come to the realisation that a career in this field would not only be a smart move but also a great way to stay in the loop of the constantly evolving digital age. Taking this into consideration with the fact that I have become eager to further my studies at university level over the past year, I decided to seize the opportunity to undergo a degree in digital marketing.

I am excited to be resuming my studies on September 20th to complete a Bachelor of Science in digital marketing with Anglia Ruskin University. I opted for distance learning, which enables me to maintain my current job, working part-time. The assignment-based course will cover many areas of study over the next 4 years, from data & analytics, consumer behaviour and project management.

This degree will serve as a springboard to a range of highly appealing jobs. What would bring great satisfaction is working for a big brand alongside fellow digital marketers, mastering the actions required to optimise the organisation’s identity and performance. You would be challenged to respond to emerging demands with innovation, whilst tackling the world’s latest trends and conducts… But this will push you to keep broadening your knowledge, to understand how to keep your brand in the lead digitally-speaking. Which we know is vital across all industries nowadays.

Another major motivation in obtaining this degree is the start-up I have co-founded with my two friends – Boleyn Factory. I will be in charge of social media and communication, so I would like to become fully competent in this domain in order to propel us forward strategically. We are ambitious and have many projects in mind, and I know that promoting ourselves digitally will play an important role in our success.

I also hope to enhance my blog and to render your experience as a reader/follower more insightful and captivating. I will try my best to keep posting regularly throughout the course, hoping to generate a positive response and perhaps helping others out where I can.

Author: Prisca

Blogging since 2012. I'm a professional dancer, undergoing a degree in Digital Marketing, and co-founder of Boleyn Factory, an independent film organisation based in Bordeaux, France.

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