‘Make your own luck’

The title of this post are the words said by the Graduate’s form teacher who gives us weekly career planning talks. I believe it is a very appropriate reflection on what we must do when it comes to creating opportunities for ourselves in this important stage of our lives.

I am now into my fifth week of term and despite occassionally thinking back to the long, hot days of my summer break I have readapted to school life. My main focus lately has been to gradually rebuild physical strength and stamina and as mentioned in my previous post, initiating correspondance with companies.

Ignoring the pain in the top of my foot – which has now passed – that bothered me during weeks two & three, I feel I have successfully achieved the above. The pain was most likely to be inflammation/straining of the tendons due to a weakened ankle.

I am pleased that with all my efforts in contacting various European companies arrangements have already been made. With three flights booked, two audition invitations and the chance to take part in three company classes so far, plans really are beginning to take shape.

My next targets are ensuring my technique is up to scratch for auditions and becoming more comfortable in executing all areas of centrework on pointe. And with all the busy times ahead, being organised is a must in order to avoid stressful or unnecessary situations.

Just a brief update for now, so watch this space for when I next have news to share. Our Graduate photoshoot is next weekend so here are a few poses I have been practicing for it.

Author: Prisca

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