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I can easily say that it has been one of the toughest first weeks back from a break, but it has been a good push and therefore full-length days won’t hit us quite as hard next week. Once my body has recovered from the initial back-to-ballet shock, I will be prepared to dive right into this important stage of my training.

As Graduates we had a series of motivational talks and serious discussions regarding the planning of our future – from financial advice, to networking and realising who and what we want to become in life. We have had guidance on being pro-active, personal evaluation and setting visible targets. The reality of it all has certainly hit me.

Our teachers are supportive and encouraging; I am confident that they will be on our side throughout this fast approaching audition process which to me has already begun: I have decided which companies I will be auditioning for and have started to contact them. Within the next few days I will be sending off my applications hoping to soon receive some positive replies; to either be able to go take a class at the company or to be invited to the auditions. I will be posting about my plans as soon as I have more information.

On top of all the other commitments that the Graduates are expected to fulfil this year (which I will tell you more about in upcoming posts), I am aiming to achieve a Trinity College Level 5&6 Diploma in Professional Dance, a substantial qualification that can one day be extended to a BA Hons Degree; another valuable attribute that is being inserted into my future should I ever want to go to University.

So, alongside my main ambition of gaining a contract with a company, this year is going to be about learning to take initiative and making the most of the transferrable skills that growing up in the dance world has given me. In just one week here I have been reminded that life is what you make of it and that you get out what you put in.

Finally, here is a photo from the shoot I did back in April. Handwork by Anna Genuisea, photo by Eleanor Gibson. More details on hiring these stunning tutus can be found on Anna’s website:

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  1. Wishing you a fantastic and luck filled final year! My daughter Mary has just started Yr9, so say “hi”!

    I have followed your posts for many years and feel sure you will achieve your dreams!

  2. It is nice to read about the start of the Graduation year. Very good Prisca, you sound very determined.

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