2nd Term of 2nd Year

After an intense ten-week term, I am now on my Easter break. Apologies for the inactivity on the blog lately, my time has been taken up by our dance assessments, Btec assignments and various other commitments. Being able to publish only when it gets to the holidays really does make it seem like time is flying.

My 7th series of appraisals at The Royal Ballet School have come to an end. I can’t say I enjoyed the process any more than I have done in previous years as I always feel quite a lot of pressure when it comes to the exams. However despite the difficult moments, both physically and mentally, it is a good challenge which can only make you stronger for the future. One thing I know for sure, I will always favour dancing on stage for an audience rather than in an examination in which you have great uncertainty of how you are being judged!

I am often asked how I thought the assessments went but it is hard for me to give an answer. Obviously you give it your best, but there are always things that could have gone better. For example turning; you know you can usually do it, so it is frustrating when it just doesn’t go right on the day. Several things can affect you as a result of nervousness; tension, incorrect weight placement and an overall different feeling and perception of your body. Therefore I simply find it difficult to judge my performance in a dance exam situation also because how something felt compared to how it actually looked is often very different.

We will receive a mark for each of the dance forms we were assessed in during these holidays but we will not know if we are through to Graduate Year until mid-May.

Tutus 2015

The highlight of the term was on February 25th, when the students of The Royal Ballet School performed the Grand Defile as part of the Royal Opera House’s ‘Life Reimagined’ Gala. Defile is traditionally danced as the very last ensemble of the school’s summer performances, so it seemed odd to be doing it so early on in the year. However we enjoyed it as much as we always do and we can’t complain about getting to dance it twice in one year. Another very happy moment was when my best friend won 1st prize for the school’s choreographic competition. I helped out with her piece from the start but I do not take any credit for the amazing job she did. I am still so proud of her achievement.

My final news is that at the end of July I will be attending the Royal Danish Ballet School’s summer course in Copenhagen. I am excited to be visiting a new place and look forward to seeing what I can learn from my time there. A huge thank you to the person who has enabled me to take part in the course by giving me the financial support I needed. You know who you are and I greatly appreciate your generosity.

Watch this space for some more tutu photos… The one above was taken yesterday – can you guess which one is me?


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