End of Summer

As I mentioned in my previous post, I consider three weeks off ballet a very long break. Well indeed it was, and following a tough first day of summer school at Ateneo Danza, a few days of an aching body sure proved it. Our timetable for the week was as follows: 9.30-11am: Ballet, 11.15-12.15pm: Contemporary, 12.30-13.45: Pointe/Variations, 15-16.15: Pas de Deux, 16.30-17.30: Repertoire. Similar to our timetable at Upper School: 5½ hours of dancing per day, and our first day was no exception!

With Federico Bonelli

There were several teachers on the course but those who taught the Seniors for most of the classical classes were Steffi Scherzer and Oliver Matz (Zurich Ballet School) and Ivan Dinev (English National Ballet School). Michele Merola (Director of MM Company) was our Contemporary teacher. We also had two classes with guest teacher Federico Bonelli (Principal at The Royal Ballet) along with an inspiring question & answer session with Federico and his five month pregnant wife, Hikaru Koboyashi.

With Friends

The Senior Class (ages 15-18) consisted of nearly 30 girls and only 7 boys. This meant our Pas de Deux classes were changed to extra Repertoire coaching. On the last day of the six-day course we performed in a community hall near to the dance school to show our families some of the week’s work. The Senior Class danced an adapted version of the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker and of the 2nd Entrance from Paquita, two classics that did integrate some partnering work. We also performed a short but intricate choreography by the Contemporary teacher. It was a fun evening and a nice way to end an enjoyable week of hard work and dance.

With Oliver Matz

I’m in the last few days of my summer break now, getting geared up and excited for the start of my 2nd Year at The Royal Ballet Upper School. Unfortunately on my to-do list before I return to school is a visit to a physiotherapist because throughout the last days of the summer school I felt a strange pain in the top of my right foot that I still have now. It’s hard to describe and I’m not entirely sure what might have caused it but my muscles/tendons that allow my toes to articulate feel quite restricted. Nothing serious for sure!

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  1. Hello! Yes I’m back! Although this old blog post was republished by mistake. Watch this space for updates and new content 🙂

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