Sleeping Beauty at the Coliseum

coliseum outside What a treat! This weekend a family friend took me to see English National Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty at the Coliseum. It was the first time I had been to this lovely London Theatre and I was surprised how large it is and at how good the view was from our seats half way back in the Upper Circle.

Tchaikovsky’s famous score is always great to listen to and this performance by the English National Ballet Orchestra, conducted by Gavin Sutherland, was no exception. The dancers used the stage well and, with just an initial fairy flutter or two, gave a strong and very enjoyable performance. Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré were danced by Elena Glurdjidze and Arionel Vargas.

The third act was my favourite. The goodness of the Lilac Fairy [Ksenia Ovsyanick] won out over the evil Carabosse [Shevelle Dynott] and spontaneous laughter burst from the ColisumAnthoulaaudience during the Puss and Boots pas de deux, danced by Anjuli Hudson and Francisco Bosch. The wedding guests were entertained by The Bluebird coda, enthusiastically performed by Laurent Liotardo and Shiori Kase. Perrault’s fairytale drew to a close with a sparkling performance that balanced the feminine style of Glurdjidze, a graduate of the Vaganova Academy against the elegance of Vargas, her saviour Prince. Thank you Anthoula, I had a great time.

In closing, I could comment that for an English National Ballet company, the names on tonight’s cast list did, in the main, sound decidedly non-English!

Ballet News Review: English National Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty dated 10 January 2013

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  1. Lucky girl, I am sure you enjoyed that treat. I think that many years ago I met your friend

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