The Danish School – Focus on Style Masterclass

FoS Thomas Lund
Thomas Lund

On Sunday December 2nd our Upper School hosted the third event in the Focus on Style series, featuring ‘The Danish School’. The masterclass was taken by Thomas Lund, ex-principal dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet company and recently appointed Director of the Royal Danish Ballet School. Mr Lund explained the structure and training of the School, giving a fascinating insight into the Bournonville method.

The class commenced with a barre featuring easy steps and complicated sequences, quickly moving on to focus on centre work. Jumps were integrated throughout the lesson, with intricate footwork combined with stylish upper-body movement. The enchâinements were demanding.

FoS Jonathan CopeMr Lund was kind and professional; his class was enjoyably challenging. There were a number of important guests watching and I couldn’t resist asking to have my photo taken with one of them who I have admired since I was a little girl. Jonathan Cope is now a Governor of our School.

The Focus on Style series will continue in the New Year and I hope Mock GCSE exams and Audition commitments will allow me take part in the final two masterclasses. It has certainly been a privilege taking part in the French, Italian and Danish events and the experience gained has given me a wider understanding of the varying styles that contribute to classical ballet as we know it today.

The next Focus on Style lecture and masterclass will be ‘The Russian School’ on Sunday 3rd February – only a few tickets are still available from Ticketsource.

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