Motivational Classes

Watching the senior classes at our Upper School is inspiring. It is interesting to note the differences between the newly arrived first year girls and those two years ahead who have almost completed their eight years of professional training.

The first group appears more disciplined, their intense exercises executed with precision. I can see the link from what we have been working on, progressed into this next year at the Upper School. They are a strong class and work together like a corps de ballet. Yet some of them stand out and I appreciate once again that extra ‘something’ which makes a captivating dancer.
Unfortunately we cannot stay to watch their centre work as we must move on to our next treat; the graduate girls class.

Although this group seems more laid back, the standard is very high. We are reminded that most of them are involved in Swan Lake and a few are coping with injuries. These girls reveal individual qualities that offer a tantalizing glimpse of the soloists they could become.

Returning to White Lodge I am fired with energy, ready to dance and to face the challenges ahead.

Author: Prisca

Blogging since 2012. I'm a professional dancer, undergoing a degree in Digital Marketing, and co-founder of Boleyn Factory, an independent film organisation based in Bordeaux, France.

2 thoughts

  1. And one day Prisca you will be in that group which sends less experienced dancers away fired with enthusiasm, determined to excel.

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