At half way through my four-week holiday it feels like the time is flying but when I think back I realise that I have been extremely busy doing very little.

For a start, I have completely reorganised my room; packing away books and games and changing pictures on the walls. The new look was completed with bed linen [Ikea trip!] and new curtains.

In the mornings there has been time to have a leisurely breakfast on the terrace and to read. I have finished the book No et Moi for my French GCSE studies and I’m now reading the final chapters of Il Codice da Vinci by Dan Brown; what a fascinating story he created woven around real historical events. This morning I have downloaded Departures; Seven Stories from Heathrow by Tony Parsons to my Kindle. That will be background reading for my next Expressive Arts project.

My days have been spent with time at home in the mornings followed by a family lunch often outside under the grape-vine in our back garden. I like preparing the pasta which we follow with salad and fruit. The watermelon, peaches and grapes are in season and taste wonderful here in Italy at the moment. Then in the afternoons I either sunbathe or catch up with friends, often doing a dance class at my old ballet school.

I don’t think the temperatures have slipped below 30C and so we eat quite late in the evenings. My mum prepares meat or fish with potatoes and vegetables. The food is her special blend of Kiwi/Italian and she uses chillies with other more unusual ingredients to add plenty of flavour. This week my favourite meal was her spicy seafood kebabs.

The only evening outing so far has been to our village gathering celebrating the Notte di San Lorenzo at the local vineyard. The 10th of August is said to be the night where falling stars are visible and after patiently waiting in the dark with our noses pointing up to the sky I was lucky enough to see two.

Sunset scooter ride

Sometimes I make a trip into the countryside on my scooter and this photo was taken on a canal near our house as the sun was starting to set. A lovely time of day but you need to prepare for the attacking mosquitoes with plenty of Bushman repellent – thank you granddad for sending us that from Brisbane!

Today we have family arriving from Illinois to stay for a few days so I had better go help out with a few household chores. What a change of pace from life at The Royal Ballet School. Including my first year at the ESDC Rosella Hightower I have now completed five years at residential ballet schools and as much as I love that life it is wonderful to have timeout at home with friends and family during summer.  Prisca

Author: Prisca

Blogging since 2012. I'm a professional dancer, undergoing a degree in Digital Marketing, and co-founder of Boleyn Factory, an independent film organisation based in Bordeaux, France.

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  1. i still find your posts to be wonderful. You have a wonderful way with words that fully express your joie de verve. It was wonderful to observe you and your father preparing dinner last evening while Jean and I shared conversation with your mother prior to dining.

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