Following an artistic career as professional ballet dancer, I seek to broaden my identity as a versatile and thought-provoking individual. As I continue to develop skills that I can combine to the knowledge I have cultivated over the years, my wish is to stimulate others through my writing and experiences.

I hope you’ll see my digital diary as a source of engaging topics. My vision is for it to evolve into a cultural hub, where talented minds will meet and and showcase their creativity. Virtual-born relations will see the day in real life, manifesting as performances, expositions, and other artistic activities.

For now, this is where I express, define and analyse the elements that inspire me and bring me energy. A place where I’d like to make myself useful to you by sharing these things in order to challenge your knowledge and curiosity.

My blog-writing journey began in 2012. You can find my posts from back then in the archives.