I’m Prisca, occasionally inspired by the aléas of life to type or share content that I hope readears might find worth the scroll. I’m eager to challenge other people’s knowledge and curiosity but aware that this space may be perceived as a simple diary, used to elucidate the happenings of life and yes, leave a meanigless digital footprint on the web

*aléa : chance, hasard favorable ou défavorable, dont dépend la réussite ou l’échec de quelque chose ou de quelqu’un. This word is used in French to describe equally positive or negative probabilities or outcomes.

Following an artistic career as professional dancer, I seek to broaden my identity as a versatile and thought-provoking individual. So as I build on the skills I have cultivated over the years, I’m exploring my creative and cultural interests through reading and writing.

As you will see in the archives, my blog-writing dates back to 2012. Back then it was an insight on the dance world through the eyes of a progressing ballet student in London.